Photography is a big part of what makes the British Wildlife Centre so special, providing unique photo opportunities that would be very tricky to achieve in the wild. We love to showcase the photographic talents of our visitors. Photo of the Month displays the pick of our visitors' photos through the year. Our Head Keeper, Matt will be selecting his favourite photo each month from the many sees, whether they are emailed in, on Flickr, Instagram or other social media sites.

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Photo of the Month: November 2018

"Snarling Wildcat" by Brett Watson

Snarling wildcat by Brett Watson

Photo of the Month: October 2018

"Basil the Fox" by Christine Sweet

Basil the Fox by Christine Sweet

Photo of the Month: September 2018

Water Vole by Robert North

Water Vole by Robert North

Photo of the Month: August 2018

Yellow-necked Mouse by Helen Hooker

Yellow-necked Mouse by Helen Hooker

Photo of the Month: July 2018

'Polecats in Hammock' by Nicholas Armitt

Photo of the Month: June 2018

'European Adder' by Fay Saunders

Photo of the Month: May 2018

'Tawy Owl in Bluebells' by Shaun Jackson

Tawny Owl by Shaun Jackson

Photo of the Month: April 2018

'Molly the Weasel' by Dave Burden

Photo of the Month: March 2018

'Albus the Red Deer Stag' by Vicky Inseal

Albus the stag by Vicky Inseal

Photo of the Month: February 2018

Harvest Mouse by Marco Cinnerella

Harvest Mouse by Marco Cinnirella 

Photo of the Month: January 2018

Red Squirrel by Barry Doolan

Red Squirrel by Barry Doolan 

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